Perfect Pitch


The world is changing. What made a career successful five years ago may no longer be relevant today. The people who thrive are those who take charge of their careers.

You are the boss of an exciting startup venture: your career. As a startup, you'll need to build your personal brand. A pitch to engage people. A pitch that encourages people to support you. When you know what you are up to in the world, you become magnet for opportunity.

You have an amazing story. The PERFECT PITCH WORKSHOP will help you unlock the power of your story. Make work personal; it’s a 21st century skill.


This is a well-designed workshop that is guaranteed to improve the first impression you make on others. Never again give an unexciting answer when asked, "Tell us about yourself." Well worth it.

- Andy Weekes

Sometimes you need a little help putting your thoughts and feelings into coherent words. Perfect Pitch helped me string together what my strengths are and what i'm passionate about.

- Cardejah Zulkifli

I witnessed different perspectives. I found it very beneficial sharing stories with each other.

- Nabil Kamar

The workshop helped me to put my thoughts on paper (they have been running in my head for the longest time) and reaffirm what I really want to do next.

- Joey Tan


Each participant will be able to:

1. Define Work Persona and list its 4 dimensions

2. Understand the PERSONNA Method©

3. Interpret your work persona

4. Articulate your work persona

5. Apply your work persona to your career

Each participant will take away:

1. Your personalised perfect pitch card

2. 30-second video recording of your perfect pitch

3. A plan to transform your career


  • One 4-hour workshop + 30-minute individual coaching session
  • Two 2-hour workshop + 30-minute individual coaching session

Designed to be a fun and interactive 4-hour workshop. With loads of interaction with fellow participants to help unearth what makes your persona truly unique.


I find joy in having intentional conversations, and going hand in hand with individuals on a discovery journey about themselves. It traded an 18 year career with Standard Chartered to start my own exhilarating journey as a coach and trainer. I now connect individuals to their goals, and empower them to find joy in their relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

My passion comes alive when I'm inspiring participants to articulate their own amazing stories in our Perfect Pitch workshop

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Jun 28 - Jun 30, 2016
[ Tue ] - [ Thu ]
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM SGT
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146A Neil Road
Soft Launch SOLD OUT $100.00
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146A Neil Road Singapore
Nearest MRT is Outram Park, Exit H